Friday, 9 January 2009


A cloudy day, but with some nice sunshine here at Lochdon. A trip to Grasspoint and I watched a Sea Eagle fly over the loch. The Lochdon/Grasspoint Sea Eagles are two of the original birds which were released from Rhum and they arrrived here around 1984. Since then they have produced many offspring of which some have paired up and are now breeding birds here on Mull. At Grasspoint in the Firth of Lorn were 2 Red throated and 1 Great northern Diver. On the road to Grasspoint a ringtail Harrier was hunting. I hear that there are a few Bramblings about.


  1. Hi,
    I'm coming over to the mull in May and reading your blog is just whetting my appetite more and more with each and every post.

    Fantastic reading.

  2. Coming to Mull? then check out:-

  3. Been coming to Mull for over 20 years and wouln't go anywhere else. Ideal for bird watching, butterlies and flowers. See otters and poepoise most visits and have seen dolphins and basking shark.

  4. Thanks for that mullbirds but i'm already booked up, however, i do feel that i shall be contacting you in the future to help plan my trip.....

  5. I think a picture with the text is so much better. I dont really expect great news or excitement from a blog, sometimes its just the smallest most obious observations of daily life elsewhere that can be so intriguing. Most people dont live anywhere like Mull so what you do and see even in its most mundane will probably fascinate everyone else. Good luck with it. Having been to Mull it's like getting a little slice of that magic back everytime I see a new post from you. Just keep it seasonal and honest in what you see and do I would say. Thanks a lot.

  6. can I ask if you can drive down to grasspoint? (have 4x4) it makes a good hide and of course rain is possible in scotland.