Friday, 5 February 2010

February at Lochdon

The cold weather we have been having for the past few weeks has given me a real treat.,
I have had a Water Rail visiting my garden for the last four days. The first time it appeared I only got a very brief sighting and this prompted me to put up my dome hide in the garden. The following day I went into the hide and spent a couple of hours ther, managing to get some really close views, as close as 3 metres. I took lots of photographs and share them with you here and on my web site at
Some other treats werea Long tailed duck on Loch Scidin and four Grey Plover at Fidden plus a display by a Peregrine atttempting to get a Lapwing (and missing after several 'swoops')
WQe have Oyyers at Lochdon, a mother and quite large cub.

Monday, 11 January 2010

A trip through Glen More today and I found six Snow Buntings on the road verge side busy feeding as best they could. They wre at the highest popint in the glen. A lovely site on a very cold day. There have been many reports of Woodcock sightings over the last few days, as the shores of the lochs are all frozen, they have to venture out to feed and I had one bird in the garden yesterday and also a Dunlin in my neighbours garden the same day.
There are still a few Fieldfare about the island, loooking for the few remainig berried trees.