Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ospreys over Lochdon

We had a couple of Osprey over the loch on 25th, fishing success for one of them which then flew to the 'Gorsten' end of the loch to eat it. There is a large dead tree by the side of the loch which is regularly used by them. No sign of any Osprey today, but still worth keeping an eye out as they start to migrate south down to Africa for the winter. I am sure we will get others over the next month. We are still waiting for a pair to settle here and breed, so far we have only had passing birds each spring and autumn.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Mike Madders

I just wanted to take a moment to express sadness at the tragic loss of Mike Madders and his young son. Mike lived on Mull at Grasspoint Cottage many years ago, I met him and enjoyed his company all to briefly. My thoughts are with his partner during this sad time.

Orchids on Mull - August 2009

Following the success of the getting the council to delay cutting of the verges, has meant that at least those flowers have been able to seed and hopefull (in time) multiply. A great find this year was a Pyramidal Orchid here on Mull, a single plant, and so far it's the only plant on the island. I managed to get some photo's before it was tramples either by cattle or humans. There are more images on mullbirds web site in the photo gallery.
And another very rare orchid was discovered, this being Birds nest Orchid, sorry I can't say where, but be pleased that there is a site here on Mull, and a third find this year is the rare Lapland Marsh Orchid and pictures are available on my site.

Now to bird news, migration is getting underway, my second brood of Swallows have already departed a few days ago and Waders are on the move as they move south, stopping off at Mull to rest and feed before continuing their journey south. Migrating birds include small parties of Dunlin, many still in their summer plumage, and Black and Bar tailed Godwit and a few Sanderling.
The Rowan trees are full of ripening berries and before long we weill have numbers of Redwing, Fieldfare and Blackbirds decending on us to feed on our glorious fuits.